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ZEPTO Technology

Assisted robotic precision cataract and refractive surgery

The Eye Centre Prague is the first private workplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia using ZEPTO™ Technology. It is the latest technology in cataract and intraocular refraction surgery.


Gentler, safer and faster surgery

Surgeons and experts of the Eye Centre Prague constantly offer their patients new technologies increasing safety of procedures and treatments and maximizing results of the individual surgeries.

All these requirements are met by ZEPTO™ Technology approved by the American FDA (the Food and Drug Administration, the association responsible for protecting public health and product safety and technology).


Cheaper than current laser technologies offering a price affordable for everyone

Everyone can afford the assisted robotic precision cataract surgery using ZEPTO™ Technology in the Eye Centre Prague. The treatment is up to three times cheaper than current laser technologies.


Which patients shall undergo the ZEPTO™ Technology?

The treatment is intended forevery patient who wants to maximize the safe course and outcome of his or her surgery”, says the senior doctor of Eye Centre Prague, MUDr. Radan Zugar.  "In particular, I would recommend it to patients who have decided to implant premium intraocular lenses, which requires the highest accuracy at each step of the surgery. I would also recommend it for patients suffering from severe and complicated cataracts."


Are you going to undergo a cataract surgery? Ask for ZEPTO™ Technology!