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Spectacle Independence (pre-op exam, trifocal lenses, surgeries and post-op exam included). The exact price depends on the results of the pre-operative examination and the patient’s preferences. More info ...

Price: EUR 3,100





OCT Angiography – a comprehensive medical examination with description of results (compared to the standard OCT it is a technique for imaging also the function of the individual layers of the retina)

Price: CZK 1,200

OCT Angiography annual package

Price: CZK 5,100 

Additional specialized examinations

Price: per type of examination

Removal of secondary cataract using YAG laser

covered by the public health insurance / CZK 500 for self-payers

Pentacam (special examination of the anterior segment of the eye)

Price: CZK 400

Glaucoma package

Price: CZK 1300

Comprehensive eye examination for self-payers

Price: CZK 2,000 

T-flex laser treatment for the intraocular pressure control

Price: CZK 5,900 

Laser vitreolysis - 1 laser treatment session

Price: CZK 9,500

Retina laser for self-payers

Price: CZK 3,200





Cataract surgery is fully covered by the public health insurance.

Price: CZK 0 / CZK 10,000 / eye for sel-payers

Vision in dark and at night with special examination and more protective filters (service package)

Price: CZK 4,900 / eye

Vision without astigmatism in dark and at night with a protective filter (service package)

Price: CZK 8,500 / eye

Vision without astigmatism in dark and at night with a made-to-measure protective filter (service package)

Price: CZK 15,500 / eye

Distance and middle distance vision with a special accommodation mechanism (service package)

Price: CZK 9,900 / eye

Distance, middle distance and near vision with a protective filter (service package)

Price: CZK 22,900 / eye

Distance, middle distance and near vision with a customized protective filter EXTRA (service package)

Price: CZK 27,900 / eye

EXTRA distance, middle distance and near vision without astigmatism (service package)

Price: CZK 35,700 / eye

Cataract surgery using femtosecond laser

Price: CZK 15,000 / eye

Medical consultation relating to types of vision after surgery (it includes treatments that are not paid by the public health insurance; the price of the medical consultation for self-payers, it means patients who do not have health insurance in the Czech Republic, is CZK 4,000).

Price: CZK 2,000

Refractive package

Price: CZK 5,900 / both eyes


Price: CZK 5,000 

ZEPTO Technology

Price: CZK 5,700 / eye

Save set - special instruments

Price: CZK 1,000 / eye

Save Vision System (SVS)

Price: CZK 150 / eye

Save Vision System Plus

Price: CZK 390 / eye

LRI - Limbal relaxing incision

Price:  CZK 3,000 / eye






Refractive intraocular surgery – PRELEX, CLE, RLE (does not include a service package)

Price: CZK 10,000 / eye

Implantation of Scharioth Macula Lens

Price: CZK 39,000

Phakic Intraocular Lens ICL

Price: CZK from 29,900 / eye





Application of anti-VEGF agents (1 injection) - when the indication criteria are met the application is covered by public health insurance

Price: CZK 0

Application of anti-VEGF agents (1 injection) – when the indication criteria are not met and for self-payers

Price: CZK 3,900 – 25,000



Price: CZK 0 (covered by the public health insurance)
Implantation of trabecular micro-bypass stents (iStent) Price: individual price adjustment


CCL, CXL - Collagen Cross Linking Price: CZK 16,000 / eye
Initial (entrance) examination (This examination includes methods that are not covered by the public health insurance;  the fee for self-payers, it means persons who do not have the public health insurance in the Czech Republic, is CZK 3,000). Price: CZK 1,500
ReLEx SMILE method Price: CZK 25,000 / eye

Post-operative check-ups have the following schedule: 1 day after surgery, 1 week after surgery, 1 month after surgery and follow-up according to needs.  Post-operative check-ups are free of charge for the first 12 months after surgery.  Additional check-ups according to the valid price list.

The validity of the initial examination is 3 months - within three months the patient must undergo surgery otherwise he or she will have to undergo the examination again.




Eyelid surgery – initial consultation

Price: CZK 1,000

Upper eyelid surgery

Price: CZK 9,500

Lower eyelid surgery

Price: CZK 13,500 

Small treatments

Price: CZK 1000 

Xantelasma, Chalazion

Price: CZK 2,000 / eye





Making and sending a copy of the health documentation

Price: CZK 100 

MacuShield (small package)

Price: CZK 450 / 30 tablets

MacuShield (large package)

Price: CZK 1,200 / 90 tablets

MacuShield 5+1

Price: CZK 2,250 / 180 tablets

Eye drops Hyal-Drop

Price: CZK 190

Eye drops Artelac Triple Action

Price: CZK 270

Eye drops HYLO-COMOD

Price: CZK 275

Eye drops HYLO-GEL

Price: CZK 315

Eye drops EvoTears 3ml

Price: CZK 380

BRUDY SEC - 30 capsules (SPECIAL OFFER: 2x30 capsules = 1x30 capsules for FREE)

Price: CZK 560

BRUDY SEC - 90 capsules (SPECIAL OFFER: 2x90 capsules = 2x30 capsules for FREE)

Price: CZK 1,268
Recugel Price: CZK 119
VitA - POS Price: CZK 179 
Posiforlid eye mask Price: CZK 350

Blephasol micellar water

Price: CZK 259


Price: CZK 319

Contact lens case 

Price: CZK 30

Surgery mask

Price: CZK 10

Respirator FFP2

Price: CZK 20


Payments can be made in cash or by credit card.  Patients can use our INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS offer to pay for some selected treatments.

The pricelist is valid from 23rd of February 2023.