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Our expertise

The Eye Centre Prague is a private eye clinic with many years of experience, which has provided health care in the field of ophthalmology since 2000. The key idea throughout the existence of our clinic is "Return to the bright world within arm’s reach"; for the last 18 years we have returned more than 60,000 patients to the bright world. The Eye Centre Prague is very particular about the provision of high quality care and human approach to every patient which will continue to be the most important issue even in the future.

10 reasons why to choose OCP 

1. The patient is our partner

One of the basic values of the Eye Centre Prague is that we are a partner for our patients! We wish people not only to feel good at our clinic, but we also try to behave to everyone as if our patients were our parents or friends. We are always here for our patients and we wish they can rely on us in professional and human issues. We have notional signs “KNOCK” on every door.

“I had a feeling I was a family member. Now, my vision is restored and I am looking forward to a new view of the world.” MUDr. Jiřina Márová, a patient after the cataract surgery.


2. We believe in what we do

We believe in what we do. And the proof is that we continue to recommend our clinic and that even our relatives and friends undergo treatments and surgeries here. It was even father of our senior doctor Mr. Zugar, grandmother of our director Mr. Janek, and other relatives of our team who had undergone cataract surgeries at our clinic. 

“Although I was a little afraid of the surgery at the beginning, I knew whose hands will perform it and nervousness fell away from me almost immediately in the operating room.” Ing. František Zugar, father of Radan Zugar, the senior doctor, who performed the surgery.


3. We hold many primacies

We keep trying to develop and improve ourselves and to bring to the patients and Czech ophthalmology the latest innovations, procedures and technologies that maximize the result of surgeries and examinations. Due to that we hold a lot of primacies: 

  • We are the first private cataract centre in the Czech Republic, 
  • As the first private eye clinic in the Czech Republic we performed the first implantation of Scharioth macular lens, which brings a new treatment for patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration,
  • We are the first private cataract centre in the Czech Republic which started to use the latest technology “Save Vision System” for cataract surgeries,
  • We are the first private institution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia which tested the assisted robotic precision cataract surgery using the ZEPTO Technology


4. We have an excellent team of eye surgeons 

The quality of eye surgeries in the Eye Centre Prague is guaranteed by the team of excellent eye surgeons who are famous not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

Doc. Jiří Pašta 

Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Jiří Pašta, CSc., FEBO

He is the Head of the Eye Clinic at the Central Military Hospital and the professional guarantor of the Eye Centre Prague. He has performed more than 30,000 successful surgeries from which he performs more than 1,000 surgeries per year at our clinic. 

prim. Zugar 

MUDr. Radan Zugar, the chief doctor

He deals mainly with cataract surgeries and he has performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries. In 2017, he was appointed by the Ministry of Health a member of the accreditation committee for education in ophthalmology.


5. Specialised cataract centre 

The Eye Centre Prague is the first private cataract centre in the Czech Republic. Every year we perform several thousands of cataract surgeries, and we have performed more than 60,000 successful surgeries since the clinic was founded in 2000.


6. We participate in the development of intraocular lenses

On long-term basis we cooperate with Lenstec, an American producer of intraocular lenses which produces intraocular lenses from materials of the highest quality, which have been verified on the long-term basis. The Lenstec intraocular lenses have, as the only ones worldwide, a 0.25 increments of power and for this reason, they allow the patient to have better vision of higher quality. We are very proud of the fact that our doctors even participated in the development of two new intraocular lenses which are being implanted worldwide. 


7. Latest technologies for higher safety of the patient  

Our target is to provide the best and most effective care to our patients and to improve the entire process and the surgery itself. For this reason we continue to develop modern procedures and we invest into new technologies in order to increase the safety and comfort of our patients in the course of the individual surgeries.  

8. Comfortable environment 

We wish our patients feel comfortable at our clinic. Our seat is in a modern building Lighthouse Tower in Prague - Holešovice, at an address that is well accessible for our patients. We offer our patients beautiful rooms which were reconstructed in 2017, so that the patients feel even better and more comfortable here. 


9. We are a long-term holder of the Czech quality standard certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015

We want to provide our patients with the highest quality care and the certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015 proves that the quality of the Eye Centre Prague is very high and stable on long-term basis. The certificate was received in “Outpatient treatment and preventive care in ophthalmology including complex pre-operative and post-operative examinations, and refractive and cataract surgery”. 


10. Continuing education 

We continue to educate and we keep observing new trends to be able to follow the development in ophthalmology, but especially to be able to provide our patients with the best and most modern care. Simultaneously, our surgeons pass on their knowledge and experience including the achievements of the Eye Centre Prague to their colleagues at congresses in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe and in America.