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Intraocular lenses

On long-term basis the Eye Centre Prague cooperates with Lenstec, an American producer of intraocular lenses and one of few holders of a certificate of the American FDA (the Food and Drug Administration, the association responsible for protecting public health and product safety and technology).

The premium Lenstec lenses are made from the most quality and time-tested biocompatible materials. 


Accurate vision 

The Lenstec intraocular lenses are the only in the world having the quarter-size increments of power.

The 0.25D increments have been used for a long time for glasses and contact lenses, and thanks to the Lenstec advanced technology this advantage is available for the intraocular lenses at last.

The high technology precision and dioptre increments make your post-operative vision as good as possible. Thanks to the special technological production method the achieved intraocular lens tolerance is ±0.11D, while the ISO and industry standard is ±0,40D.

All of the intraocular lenses used at the Eye Centre Prague can be placed into your eye through a very small incision (approx. 2.2mm), which enables fast and safe healing.  

The patient can choose from intraocular lenses:

  • Monofocal lenses improve near or far vision, depending on the patient's choice; the patient still has to wear glasses for the other distance 
  • Multifocal lenses,  thanks to which he or she will have good near and far vision, completely getting rid of glasses
  • Aspheric lenses, whichprovide better vision in the dark
  • Toric lenses, which correct astigmatism



"The choice of a type of intraocular lenses is very individual. It always depends on the desire and vision of the patient, of how comfortable he or she wants to see after the surgery. Mono-focal lenses allow sharp vision only at one distance. Multi-focal lenses allow both, near and distance vision and tri-focal lenses are more or less improved multi-focal lenses allowing also very good middle distance vision."

MUDr.  Radan Zugar, the senior doctor of the Eye Centre Prague