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Monofocal intraocular lenses

The monofocal intraocular lens is a basic intraocular lens that improves vision at near or far distance according to the patient’s choice. However, the patient will still have to wear eye glasses at the other distance vision.

The Eye Centre Prague offers to its patients a high-quality intraocular lens of the American manufacturer Lenstec, SOFTEC I, that:

  • Is approved by FDA, the American certification authority,
  • Is made of one piece of hydrophilic acrylic,
  • Has been on the market for over 10 years and its high quality is highly appreciated worldwide.

As the intraocular lens remains in the eye for a lifetime (it is not replaced in the future) we recommend patients to consider how they wish to look at the world after the surgery.  In the course of the cataract surgery the patient has a unique opportunity to get rid of a cataract and at the same time to get rid of eye glasses - thanks to the premium intraocular lenses


Vision with the basic monofocal lens x Vision with multifocal lens