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Save vision system

New technology for cataract and refractive surgery

The Eye Centre Prague as the first private eye centre in the Czech Republic uses for cataract surgery OCP Save vision systemthe new technology “SAFE VISION SYSTEM”.  It is a unit placed in the new phacoemulsification device CENTURION by ALCON.

ADVANTAGES of the new “SAFE VISION SYSTEM” technology

Medical device of the new generation

It monitors the individual stages of cataract surgery.

Increased safety during surgery

It actively monitors any changes in the course of the surgery, such as changes in eye pressure or unexpected movement of the patient.

Automatic eye pressure management

Eye pressure is robotically monitored in the course of the surgery in order to minimize fluctuations that cannot be predicted at the initial examination.

Minimal risk of infection

It includes a special balanced solution increasing safety and minimizing the risk of infection in the course of the eye surgery.

Better post-surgical course and eye healing

The surgery is more careful, eye structures are not as damaged as with standard technology and healing after surgery is faster.

Greater comfort for the surgeon

The new technology automatically adjusts the settings of the phacoemulsification device and the surgeon may thus fully focus on the surgery and patient.

Phacoemulsification device CENTURION with a new unit "SAFE VISION SYSTEM"