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Mgr. Adam Janek, MHA, MBA is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University Brno, he also studied an MHA program (Master of Health Care Administration) focused on management in health services at Advance Healthcare Management Institute in Prague and MBA program (Master of Business Administration) focused on business administration and marketing at the University of Economics, Prague. He is a member of the Czech Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgery (CSRKCH), a member of the economic board of CSRKCH and a member of the Association of Ambulatory Specialists.

He started to work at the Eye Centre Prague in 2011. At first, he was a sales representative and on 1st of April 2012, he was appointed a company manager. In 2018, he was elected a member of the Board of Directors. Since December 2016, he has also been a company manager and an executive director of the Eye Centre Sokolík in Slovakia. He spent two weeks at an internship at renowned eye treatment clinics in the USA and Florida in 2018. Every year he attends European and American specialist ophthalmology events focused on health service management, health care efficiency and innovations.

From 2009 to 2012, he taught Russian at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and he also used to translate, mainly business Russian texts. He is a co-author of three Russian textbooks used at universities and language schools in the Czech Republic:

BELYNTSEVA, O., JANEK, A. (2009): Učebnice současné ruštiny (1. díl). Computer Press: Brno, 2009. 554 s. 978-80-251-2596-0

JANEK, A., MAMONOVA, J.: (2011): Učebnice současné ruštiny (2. díl). Computer Press: Brno, 2011. 410 s. 978-80-251-2859-6

MAMONOVA, Y., JANEK, A.: (2016) Ruština pro samouky a věčné začátečníky. EDIKA: Brno, 2016. 288 s. 978-80-266-1016-8

He speaks Russian and English. He is interested in health services, economy, education, history and sports. He lives in Prague with his wife Andrea and daughter Amy. His life motto is: “Everything is possible if you’re willing to pursue your goal!”

OCP director Adam Janek