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Strabismus surgery

Are you bothered by strabismus? Does it annoy you and influence your personal and professional life negatively? Then don´t wait for anything – an operation is a proven solution. 

Strabismus is an eye error, which is noticeable at first sight due to an unparalleled  position of the eyes. However, it is not simply a cosmetic problem, which can be the cause of personal, social and psychological problems. Strabismus also causes a double vision, which inconveniences the patients in their everyday activities and limits them during sporting activities, driving and other activities. 

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Even though strabismus is usually operated in early childhood years, many adults struggle with it as well. This error can usually be removed through an operation at any age, so even in adulthood you should not see it as a problem without a solution and should talk about your problems with a doctor as soon as possible. The surgery will change your life – from a cosmetic and also a medical point of view. 


What benefits does the strabism surgery bring?

  • It removes any uncomfortable feelings during eye contact
  • It gives you back your self- esteem and improves your communication with other people
  • It removes your ophthalmic problems and improves your quality of vision for reading, driving or watching TV.