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Deanna and Paul Brown-Wood
Tri-Focal Lenses

"Our surgery was a complete success"

Deanna and Paul Brown-Wood sent to our director thanks by e-mail:


Good evening Adam, we trust that you are well.

It is just over one week since we returned home following our visit to your clinic for lens replacement surgery, and we just wanted to write to you to say a quick thank you.

From the start of the process at your clinic, both Deanna and I (and the rest of the group having surgery) were made to feel welcome, relaxed and reassured. All your staff, from the receptionists through to the very kind nurse who administered our eye-drops, did all that they could to make us feel comfortable and ensure we fully understood what was happening at all times. We also thought it was a lovely touch to be presented with a chocolate Santa Claus to celebrate St. Nicholas Day with you all, helping us to learn a little bit more about your culture and celebrations.

Our surgery was a complete success, mainly because of the care and attention given to us. Our surgeon was a real character and (for me at least), it was very helpful to be told exactly what he was doing, although I do understand that some people may just want him to carry on singing, especially if they are a little bit squeamish. It was also a really nice idea that he has a photo taken with his patients after each surgery – I have put this photo on my Facebook page as he is my new best friend!

For me in particular, the surgery has given me complete freedom from glasses for the first time in almost 50 years and is something I never expected to be able to experience. I did get very emotional about this whilst in Prague, and still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Trying to think of some constructive criticism, a little relaxing music in the area where the eye-drops are administered really helps (perhaps you could have a special eye related playlist?) and some information about tram stops close to the clinic, especially for your British patients, as they will not be familiar with the system in Prague (although it is very easy to use and incredibly efficient). Also, a reminder that they will need local currency to use in the coffee bar / shop, as they don’t accept Euros.

We enjoyed Prague a great deal and want to come back in the Summer. When we get something organised, it would be nice to catch up and let you know how our journey is progressing. For now, however, it is all very positive and we will be recommending both the lens replacement process, generally, and your clinic, in particular, to all our friends and family. We would also be happy for you to use anything we have said about our experience to advise others about the process.

Thanks to you all once again and Happy Christmas.

With very best wishes

Deanna and Paul