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Pre-operative treatment - PRELEX Surgery

Diagnosis and pre-operative examination before PRELEX surgery

Have you decided to get rid of your eye glasses?  Prior to the surgery it is always necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination on the basis of which the doctor assesses suitability of the surgery and recommends the best solution for you.  Only a detailed eye examination can guarantee the best result of the surgery.

The pre-operative examination takes about 60-90 minutes and it is completely painless and requires no special preparation.  As the doctor puts into your eyes the dilating drops you will not be able to drive.

Before examination you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Eye glasses you wear
  • A list of medicines you take


Pre-operative examination procedure

1. Anamnesis

An anamnesis is used to identify important information about your medical condition and eye disorders including eye disorders occurred in the family.


2. Measurements

Special medical devices will be used to measure your dioptres, intraocular pressure and after putting dilating drops the doctor will examine the posterior part of the eye. You will undergo a biometric examination to obtain parameters for a new artificial intraocular lens that will be implanted in the course of the surgery.


3. Consultation and examination by an ophthalmologist

The pre-operative examination will be followed by a consultation with an ophthalmologist who will perform further eye examinations while explaining the whole surgery procedure. He or she will also recommend you the best solution and the best type of a new intraocular lens.

Do not be afraid to ask the doctor any questions and consult all the options of the surgery.