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The day of your surgery

You do not need to be nervous about the surgery, you can look forward to a world full of colours and sharp contours. All of our efforts are trying to make you feel relaxed, safe and as comfortable as possible at our clinic from the point of entering it up until you leave.

We know how important eye sight is to a person. That is why we very much appreciate the trust that you put in our hands. The safety and certainty of the result always come first for us. Our experienced doctors will remove your optical error safely and painlessly, with the help of modern technology. All procedures at our clinics are outpatient, without the need for the patient´s hospitalization.    


On the day of your surgery, we will do our best to take care of your peace and comfort. This is what a part of our surgical team looks like at the end of every surgical day – satisfied with well performed procedures.    


Read all about how you can prepare for your surgery and about its course: