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The day of your surgery – cataract surgery and other intraocular surgeries

Cataract surgeries are one of the most often performed surgical procedures worldwide, and they are also one of the safest. You will also soon see the world in cheerful, lively and bright colours. The day of your surgery has finally come.   


1.  Please, come to the clinic precisely at the given time that you have agreed upon with our receptionist, who made your appointment for the surgical procedure. It is not necessary to come earlier. All patients have their appontments scheduled so that no one has to wait unnecessarily.   

2. After your arrival and registration at the reception desk, a nurse will pick you up, measure your intraocular pressure and administer anesthetic eye drops into your eyes. These eye drops will make sure that you cannot feel any pain during the surgical procedure. Afterwards, the nurse will check the internal examination.    

3. In the preoperative room, you will change into the home wear you brought with you, in which you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will wait until the given time of your surgery in a comfortable chair.   

3. Afterwards, surgoen will pick you up and explain the whole course of the procedure to you once again. You will receive exact instructions about where you will have to look and which light you will have to follow. You do not need to worry about forgetting anything, the surgeon will, of course, speak to you and navigate you throughout the entire surgical procedure. Please, follow the surgeon´s instructions throughout the course of the entire surgical procedure.   

4. You will spend approximately 15 minutes in the operating room. An aneasthesiologist will be present during the whole course of your surgery and will monitor your overall status.   


5. After the surgical procedure, you will return to the comfortable chair in the preoperative room and will change into your regular clothes. You can go home with your accompaniment, the day of your surgery has reached its end.    

6.  There are two necessary check-ups. The first one on the next day after the surgery and another one in a week after the surgery. The second eye is usually operated on within the next 14 days after the first surgery.     


And what comes next? 

We recommend that you spend the rest of the day at home after you leave the clinic. Most patients sleep for a while after the surgery and can perform normal tasks, such as housework, or watch television or go for a walk by the evening.  

In the morning after the surgery, you can remove the bandage that the nurse has placed on your eye.    


What do we not recommend after a cataract surgery or other intraocular surgeries? 

One week after the surgery: 

Staying in surroundings full of dust or smoke   

14 days after the surgery: 

Applying eye make- up and forcefully removing it   

One month after the surgery: 

Swimming in public pools and spas as well as natural  waters  

Forcefully rubbing the eyes  

Lifting heavy objects  

Power sports