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The day of your surgery – laser surgery

You have decided to undergo the removal of a dioptric error, and now the day of your surgery has come. Please, come to the clinic precisely at the given time, which you have agreed upon with our receptionist who made your appointment for the surgical procedure. It is not necessary to come earlier. All patients have their appointments scheduled so that no one has to wait unnecessarily.  


 1. After your arrival and registration at the reception desk, a nurse will pick you up and escort you to the preoperative room where she will administer anesthetic eye drops into your eyes. These eye drops will make sure that you cannot feel any pain during the surgical procedure. The nurse will also give you a disposable gown, which you will put on over your clothes.     


Príprava pacienta pred laserovou operáciou očí - Očná klinika NeoVízia


2. After approximately 30 – 40 minutes, your surgoen will pick you up and explain the whole course of the procedure to you once again. You will receive exact instructions about where you will have to look and which light you will have to follow. You do not need to worry about forgetting anything, the surgeon will, of course, speak to you and navigate you throughout the entire surgical procedure.  



3. If you have decided to undergo the most modern type of laser surgery, the  ReLEx SMILE, the surgeon will perform the whole procedure with the help of the femtosecond laser  VisuMax from Carl Zeiss.  

The femtosecond laser removes the dioptries directly in the cornea without the surgeon having to create a corneal flap on the surface of the eye. Inside the cornea, a so- called lenticula in the shape of an eye lens will be created based on precise calculations. The surgeon will remove it from the cornea with a small, three millimeter bis incision in the shape of a smile. That way, the strength and stability of the cornea is not compromised during the procedure and its surface stays untouched.     



If you have decided to undergo the method ReLEx SMILE, the surgical procedure will be carried out in one step - with femtosecond laser. The new, minimally invasive method works with a „one – step – system“. The whole surgical procedure is, for the first time in the history of eye surgeries, performed by the femtosecond laser alone – the excimer laser is no longer needed. The femtosecond laser removes dioptries directly in the cornea, without the surgeon having to create a flap on the surface of the eye. On the inside of the cornea, a so- called lenticula in the form of an eye lens is created, based on exact calculations. Consequently, it is removed out of the cornea with a tiny 3- millimeter laser incision in the form of a smile. That way, the strength and stability of the cornea is not compromised during the procedure. The method, which is known worldwide under the name ReLEx Smile is a patented technology of the femtosecond laser VisuMax from Carl Zeiss      


If you have decided to undergo the method femtoLASIK , the surgical procedure will be carried out in two steps. During the course of the procedure, you will lie comfortably on the surgical bed, which will automatically move from one laser to the other. During the first step, the operating surgeon uses the femtosecond laser VisuMax to create a corneal flap. During the second step, he uncovers the flap a little and uses the excimer laser MEL 80 to adjust the corneal surface and „remove“ the dioptric error. Afterwards, he returns the corneal flap to its rightful place and administers eye drops.  



4. The surgeon will ask you to sit up and look at the clock, which we have in the operating room precisely for this part of the surgery. And what will you see? We are not going to tell you that just yet : - ). However, all of our patients keep saying, that it is one of the best views in the world. After that, you will only take a picture with your surgeon and have a short check- up.     




And what comes next?   

We recommend that you spend the rest of the day at home after you leave the clinic. Most patients sleep for a while after the surgery and can perform normal tasks, such as housework, or go for a walk by the evening.     

Postoperative care – laser surgery

At our clinics, the care for you and your eyes does not end with the surgery. Postoperative care is just as important for the flawless result of the surgery as all of the previous steps.      

On the second day after the surgery, a short, but very carefully performed check- up will be awaiting you, and another one after a month after the surgery. However, our doctors are always at your disposal if you should need any consultations, advice or a ckeck- up.     


What do we not recommend after a laser surgery?  

One week after the surgery:  

Staying in surroundings full of dust or smoke   

14 days after the surgery:  

Applying eye make- up and forcefully removing it    

One month after the surgery:  

Swimming in public pools and spas as well as natural  waters  

Forcefully rubbing the eyes  

Avoid risks of injury to the eye  


Before arriving at our clinic, please check if you:    

  • Have not worn contact lenses for at least a week  
  • Are not wearing eye make- up (women) 
  • Have not used an oily face cream  
  • Do not have a fever or a cold  
  • Do not have herpes  
  • Have a valid internal examination from your general practitioner   
  • Have clean indoor clothing, which you will change into   
  • Have a small snack